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Efficient Unattended Weighing Systems

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing provides complete truck scale solutions including unattended systems for driver operation. Cardinal’s RE series outdoor systems can be configured to meet the customer’s specific operation with a variety of software and hardware features. Driver prompting on the outdoor weight display creates an easy-to-use and efficient management system for your customer’s complete fleet and material management needs. All of this is made possible with Cardinal Scale’s complete software and hardware development team who will design a system specifically for the customer’s operational sequence. Cardinal Scale dealers typically survey their customer for operational requirements, and then communicate with the Cardinal design team who will provide the customer with the perfect solution for tracking trucks, materials, and updating their customer’s internal records through Cardinal WinVRS truck management software.

When truck ID security is necessary, Cardinal incorporates proximity badge readers to identify each truck and its materials for shipping and receiving inventories. The proximity badge reader is built right into the RE system enclosure which thermally prints tickets for driver records.

Depending on the specific application, the Cardinal RE unattended system will incorporate the Cardinal model 225 Navigator weight indicator or the model 825 Spectrum with full-color graphics touch-screen display. Both of these systems incorporate transflective displays for easy viewing and intuitive self-prompting steps for the driver to utilize. All Cardinal unattended systems include an inclusive QWERTY keypad on the weight display to take the guesswork out of data entry. The driver is prompted through the entire weigh transaction for the information your customer requires. This information is all recorded in the scale house on Cardinal’s WinVRS truck management software.

WinVRS truck management software may be provided complete with a PC configured at the Cardinal Scale factory, or installed onto the customer’s pre-existing PC. WinVRS is a completely-configurable system and supports a host of standard features that may be optional with other truck management systems. Cardinal Scale authors and develops WinVRS, so the customer has a seamless solution when customization is required for their unique system operations.

From the time the driver parks on a Cardinal truck scale, enters data into the RE unattended system, and drives away, all weight data is secured and reported into the scale house or the customer’s offices. Networking to the customer’s PC from Cardinal’s WinVRS software may be accomplished with the standard system or customized to meet their specific data collection requirements.

Cardinal Scale offers extended support with a comprehensive off-site annual maintenance program to assist our dealers and in turn support their customers with any questions on operations and updates that may be required.

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