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CASE STUDY: 201 Weight Transmitter

Case-Study_201_1Cardinal dealer Systems & Controls (Lenoir City, TN) utilized a series of four 201 digital weight transmitters for an interesting liquid filling application at a brewed tea and coffee manufacturing facility. The four Cardinal 201s are connected to a DirectLogic PLC via continuous RS485 serial output.

The automated system conveys four containers at a time onto the liquid filling system and stages them underneath a fill head via an air cylinder for each station. A scale platform underneath each of the containers is raised while the fill heads are simultaneously lowered into each of the four containers. At this point, the PLC signals each of the four 201s to perform a tare operation. When each of the scales reach tare, a pump controlled by the PLC starts and the valves for each station are opened. The PLC performs a slow/fast/slow filling operation for each station to prevent foaming of the liquid during filling. The operator can adjust the percents of each of these target weights through the touch screen display.

Case-Study_201_2When each container is filled, the PLC directs the variable frequency drive used for the pump to slow down. This occurs each time a container is filled, so that the pressure remains consistent whether all four containers or only one container is filling. Once the liquid filling cycle is complete, the scale platforms are lowered and the conveyor moves the filled container(s). When the last container passes the exit photocell, the next containers are released and the cycle starts over again. The end user reported that their production has increased 100% using this filling system.

Cardinal Scale congratulates Mark McHenry and Systems & Controls on this quality application and use of the 201 weight transmitter.

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