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Harvester LSC Livestock Scale Installation Video

Installation Video - Harvester LSC Livestock Scales

Harvester-Livestock-Scale-LCardinal Scale's Harvester LSC series group livestock scale is the premium choice for cattle weighing. This new installation video demonstrates the entire set-up process and shows how easy it is to put into operation. Cattle pens, two-end swing gates, and load cell stands ship intact and ready for rapid installation out in the field. The Harvester LSC series arrives on site fully-assembled and there are minimal steps necessary for North American installations.

This electronic group livestock scale features factory-poured concrete decks for above-ground, low-profile weighing and two-end swing gates with easy-close latches. The LSC now also features diamond-shaped grooves permanently etched into the pre-stress concrete foundation for optimum hoof gripping stability while weighing cattle.

The NTEP legal-for-trade LSC series livestock scale utilizes Cardinal’s 20,000-lb model SB stainless steel shear beam load cells which feature superior welded waterproof seals, and the load cell stands arrive pre-installed and ready to bolt down to the foundation.

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Assembly Video (Export Orders Only) - Harvester LSC Livestock Scale

Harvester-Livestock-Scale-LFor North American orders, the LSC arrives fully assembled and ready for rapid installation, but for export orders internationally we have also developed this assembly video that can be used in conjunction with the installation video above.

This video will guide you through the assembly process of Cardinal Scale Manufacturing's Harvester LSC livestock scale for export orders located outside of North America. For all international orders, the LSC series requires assembly at the installation site. This video covers the assembly of the load cell stands, cattle pens, junction box, rat-proofing conduit, and gate latches. Incorporating the latest in patent-pending concrete composition with high tensile strength and optimal deck weight, the Harvester scale is designed for group-livestock weighing operations.

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Testimonial Video – Applied Scale Technology and Mid-Tenn Farms

Harvester-Livestock-Scale-LCardinal Scale’s dealer Applied Scale Technology (Nashville, TN) installed one of the first Harvester LSC Livestock Scales ever manufactured for Mid-Tenn Farms in Adams, TN and provides this stellar testimonial about the LSC’s effectiveness in cattle weighing. The Harvester LSC is well-suited to the wear and tear use of this family-owned farm’s livestock weighing. A Cardinal 190 STORM indicator completes this scale system for easy readouts and rugged durability with its waterproof IP69K-rated wash-down enclosure.

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