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“The Weigh of the Future”

Mobile_PR_1Bringing the Technology of Tomorrow to Today’s Mobile Weighing

The idea of “bigger is better” has been shrunk down, boxed up, and shipped out over the last couple of decades. The concepts of smaller, lighter, faster and mobile have secured the limelight as the next big thing. As microprocessors, controllers, and circuits continue to shrink while continually improving, so also do the operations and practices across various industries as they race to keep pace. Cardinal Scale is making use of the latest of tomorrow’s technology, continually making improvements to the scale industry, and providing an overall increase in the quality-of-life to the weighing world of today.

This technological advancement has become a part of our daily routine, in some cases even a necessity. The fact that you might be reading this from a mobile device in the palm of your hand is a testament of its success. Smart phones are the best example of technology simultaneously shrinking and becoming more powerful and with products labels and advertising being covered in web addresses, hashtags, and QR codes, there is a strong push for users to connect with companies more than ever before. Let’s face it, it’s a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) world, and many businesses are utilizing smart phones not only for their customers, but for their employees as well. With the vast unlimited resources of the internet channeled through a powerful micro-computer at your fingertips, it’s no coincidence that Cardinal Scale has leapt to take advantage of such a prominent and powerful tool. Cardinal’s new mobile applications, ScaleNET and Pathway, bridge the gap between new technology and traditional weighing.

Mobile_PR_ScaleNET-IDS_MobiScaleNET IDS is an app that works in tandem with the ScaleNET Wi-Fi weight transmitter connected to a scale that transforms the user’s smart phone into a basic weight indicator. Designed for non-legal weighing applications, the transmitter can be connected to bench scales, floor scales, platform scales, axle pads, tank/hopper scales, ag bars, and compression load cells; instantly turning the scale into a wireless weighing system. This allows the operator to focus more on the task at hand by freeing them from the confines of a standard display, or even for managers to walk through checking scale operations from their own device, greatly increasing efficiency. The application features all of the normal functionality of a weight indicator, and users may even set up to 5 custom IDs per transaction. The transactional ticket data, including ID, Time/Date, Gross/Net/Tare, and GPS location may be utilized by a Wi-Fi printer, or sent via email or text.

Mobile_PR_Pathway-Mobile-ApPathway is very similar to ScaleNET in function, but is wholly different when it comes to operation. Designed specifically for truck scale legal-for-trade weighing operations, Pathway connects with a scale indicator that has been equipped with a S2WIFI transmitter or the customer’s wireless network. This enables the driver to wirelessly connect his smart phone to the indicator. For a profession where meeting deadlines is valued above all, being more efficient with time is the greatest advantage possible. Pathway allows a driver to stay inside of their truck for the entirety of the transaction process, not only improving efficiency, but adding another level of driver safety. Once connected, the driver is guided through a self-prompting menu, and is able to enter data for 4 IDs and then generate a transaction data ticket that can be utilized by a Wi-Fi printer, or sent via email or text.

Immediate response time has long been a staple of successful business models. Smart devices have refined that notion to such a degree that we oftentimes forget that data transmission is even an ongoing process until it’s suddenly absent. ScaleNet and Pathway fulfill that “get and go” aspect that a busy environment necessitates, and along with their transmitter counterparts, ensure that the weighing process is a seamless operation all from the comfort of your own personal smart device.

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