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WINENCL-P Thermal Kiosk Printer

WINENCL-P_AngleCardinal Scale’s WINENCL-P thermal kiosk printer with steel enclosure provides weatherproof protection for your scale ticket printing. This high-quality, outdoor-grade printing solution accommodates a 6-inch diameter paper roll (included) and features a pole-mounting bracket bolted to the bottom of the printer cabinet, which can be removed for desktop applications.

Internal access to the high-speed thermal cutbar tape printer is easy with the WINENCL-P’s lockable rear door. The internal quick release mechanism allows you WINENCL-P_DoorOpento easily load fresh paper rolls. The innovative looping printer mechanism prevents paper jams by printing the receipt in full before providing it to the user. The large-diameter paper roll provides many hours of unattended operation. The internal thermostat allows the WINENCL-P to be used in all weather conditions.

WINENCL-P_DoorKeyConnect the WINENCL-P printer to Cardinal Scale’s 200 series indicators or 825 Spectrum indicator via RS232 serial (other connectivity options are available upon request: USB, Ethernet, Parallel).

The mount on the bottom of Cardinal’s WINENCL-P is a 6-in/15-cm nominal Schedule 80 pipe that accommodates up to a 4-in/10-cm nominal pipe for a post. Cardinal Scale recommends using a 4-in/10-cm nominal pipe or 4.5-in/11-cm OD to 5.5-in/14-cm OD tubing as a minimum size for a post.


  • Outdoor-Grade Steel Enclosure
  • Thermal Cutbar Tape Printer
  • Internal Heater with Thermostat
  • Includes Locking Key
  • Easy-Access Rear Door
  • High Speed: Up to 8.7 in/220 mm per second
  • Pole Mounting Bracket Included
  • Easy to Refill Paper Rolls
  • Year-Round, All-Weather Usage
  • Auto-Cut Bar


Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co.
203 East Daugherty St.
Webb City, MO 64870
(800) 441-4237

Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co. • Ph. (800) 441-4237 • • 203 East Daugherty St., Webb City, MO 64870

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