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Cardinal’s VP of Engineering Services Retires

Langford-Retirement_1Webb City, MO (Oct. 29, 2015) Cardinal Scale Manufacturing’s Steve Langford retires today after an impressive 44-year career with the company that began June 29, 1971. Steve was an exceptional technical reference source for not only Cardinal Scale employees, but the entire scale industry through the weighing associations he was a member of over the years. Many scale industry professionals referred to Steve as a knowledge base for NIST Handbook 44 questions on legal metrology.

Steve started work in 1971 with Cardinal Scale as a Design Engineer. In 1976, he was promoted to Product Engineering Manager, and then in 1995 was promoted to Vice-President of Engineering Services, a position he would hold for over 20 years. Steve’s work as Vice-President of Engineering Services was primarily comprised of product certifications for the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, writing new product specifications, and overseeing the company’s weigh-in-motion highway system bids and contracts.

Steve holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arkansas and a Business Technology degree from Missouri Southern State University. He additionally holds an MBA from Missouri State University. The blend of engineering and business background was the perfect mixture for a successful career with Cardinal Scale working across both spectrums.

Since 1974, Steve held a Professional Engineer license in Missouri and later added licenses in Colorado and Maryland. Over the years, he devised one patent for the digital display of fractional data and another patent for using successive approximation to trim load cells in a multi-load cell scale.

Steve was SMA President for 3 years, SMA Technical Committee Chairman for 3 years, and a member of the NCWM, NISA, and the NTEC Weighing Sector representing Cardinal Scale.

Steve was chaplain of the NCWM for 10 years. While Steve is religious, he isn’t Catholic, so he found it odd when a car rental clerk in Minneapolis asked if he was a priest during one of his first trips for the company. He replied that he wasn’t a priest, and she said, but your business card says you are “Cardinal Scales”.

Steve’s plans for retirement include working on his rental properties, fishing, and helping with his church.

Eric Golden will step into Steve’s role as the new Vice-President of Engineering Services, as he has been training in this capacity for several years.

Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co. • Ph. (800) 441-4237 • • 203 East Daugherty St., Webb City, MO 64870

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