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ScaleNET Demo and Tutorial Videos

ScaleNET Hardware Wiring Video:

ScaleNET_LogoCardinal Scale Manufacturing Company's ScaleNET Wi-Fi Weight Transmitters are load cell analog-to-digital converters with Wi-Fi for sending weight data from a scale base to a wireless network. This video tutorial shows you how to perform the initial hardware wiring process for ScaleNET (using the model ScaleNET-1S as an example), which connects directly to the scale’s load cell or junction box.

ScaleNET Configuration Utility App Video:

ScaleNET_LogoThis video tutorial guides the user through the process of setting up the ScaleNET configuration utility mobile app that is available for free on Apple iTunes and Google Play for Android devices. This video will show you how to connect the mobile app to the scale, update scale parameters, calibrate the scale, and view and zero weight from the scale.

ScaleNET IDS Mobile App Video:

ScaleNET-IDS_LogoWatch this demo video to see Cardinal Scale's ScaleNET IDS mobile app that allows you to use your mobile phone or tablet as a weight indicator when connected with the ScaleNET wireless device. Input up to 5 completely-customizable IDs and then e-mail, text, or save the weight ticket, which includes the Ticket Number, Time/Date, GPS location (if enabled), and Gross/Tare/Net. The ScaleNET IDS app works in conjunction with Cardinal’s ScaleNET Wi-Fi weight transmitter to provide a wireless mobile device weight display for non-legal-for-trade agricultural and industrial weighing applications. Available for download on Google Play for Android® devices and the App Store for Apple® devices.

ScaleNET Wi-Fi Weight Transmitter:
ScaleNET IDS Mobile App:

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