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CASE STUDY: Pepsi Factory Uses Cardinal Scale Electronics

1.JPGCardinal Scale Manufactures Electronics for Truck Scale Application in Venezuela

The Pepsi-Cola factory in Caucagua, Venezuela has recently expanded their production line to include a variety of additional world-renowned brands, such as Gatorade, Yukery Juices, and Lipton Ice Tea. This Caucagua factory is among the three largest soda factories in Latin America. With the increase in production, Pepsi-Cola was looking to install a new 80-ton by 10-kg capacity truck scale. After intensive bidding by local scale dealers, Cardinal Scale’s authorized dealer, Industrias Metarmes, won the bid. They turned to Cardinal Scale Manufacturing for the load cells and junction box, due to the solid reputation Cardinal Scale has built internationally in the industrial truck scale market.

3.JPGIndustrias Metarmes and the Xacta team have enjoyed a long-established relationship with Cardinal Scale. Since 1984, Industrias Metarmes has manufactured and marketed scales to the Venezuelan market.

Industrias Metarmes fabricated their own truck scale weighbridges and used Cardinal Scale Manufacturing’s electronic components for the application. Industrias Metarmes utilized eight IP68-rated Cardinal Scale model DB 75,000-lb double-ended shear beam stainless steel load cells 4.JPGand 8-cell stainless steel junction box for the scale. Quality products are especially important to Industrias Metarmes to uphold their well-known reputation in the Latin American market and these electronic components offered just that. Made inWebb City, Missouri, these products were then shipped to the dealer to assemble the full truck scale.

6.JPGTo meet the needs of the Pepsi-Cola factory, the dealer utilized a Cardinal Scale model 225 Navigator indicator. This indicator allowed Pepsi-Cola’s logistics operation to store 200 weight IDs, making for a more time-efficient procedure. The 225 indicator can store truck descriptions and material prompts, which makes recalling tare weights quick and simple. The indicator’s RS232 serial port was connected to a printer for printing weight tickets. The alphanumeric keypad was also an important factor in the decision for the 225 indicator making it more convenient for data entry.

With the help of Industrias Metarmes and Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, this Venezuelan Pepsi-Cola factory will continue to be a top producer in Venezuela for many years to come.


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