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CASE STUDY: 201 Weight Transmitter

Four Cardinal model 201 weight transmitters are utilized in an interesting liquid filling application that increased production productivity by 100% for a brewed tea and coffee manufacturer.

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An Overview of the U.S. Legal Metrology System

This article is a simple overview of the United States’ legal metrology system that strives for equality in the marketplace for commercial weighing.

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Mariner® Submersible Scale Demo Video

This 3-minute video demonstrates the time-saving and hygienic advantages to the new DETECTO Mariner’s wash-down ability after messy weighing applications.

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New 201ADMIX Weight-Based Admix Dispensing System Video

The new USA-made 201ADMIX is a highly-accurate weight-based admixture dispensing system designed for the ready mix and concrete products industries.

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ARMOR® Truck Scale Installation Video

This brand-new video will guide you through the installation of Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company’s ARMOR® Series Heavy-Duty Electronic Model EPR Truck Scale.

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Load Cell Troubleshooting Guide

Cardinal Scale’s VP of Engineering Services Steve Langford discusses ways to help you diagnose problems with strain gauge load cell systems.

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825 Custom App: Multi-Scale Application with E-mail Alerts

Cardinal Scale’s 825 Spectrum indicator can send automatic e-mail alerts through an Ethernet connection for a scale’s stocking levels.

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Cardinal Scale Launches New Weigh-in-Motion Scales Web Site

Cardinal Scale announces the launch of their new Web site dedicated to the company’s weigh-in-motion highway systems:

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Cardinal Scale Hires New ITS Engineer

Cardinal Scale is pleased to announce its recent hire of Randall May, who will join the team as the ITS Engineer for the company’s weigh-in-motion highway systems.

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New Mariner® Submersible Portion Scale

The brand-new Mariner® IP67 washdown digital portion control scale is submersible underwater for easy clean up in messy food service industry applications.

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