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Manufacturing is Challenging, Sweaty, Hard Work

Keeping America Strong.

When you order a Cardinal-brand scale, you’re getting over 4,357 years of scale manufacturing experience in the product that you’ve purchased. That’s the combined number of years’ experience that our 345 employees have accumulated in working towards achieving scale production perfection. Cardinal Scale employees show up early, work late, and take inordinate amounts of pride in the quality of the USA-made products they manufacture each and every day.

We realize you have a choice to make when you go to purchase a scale. And we hope you choose American-made Cardinal Scale products when you make that purchase. Manufactured in the small town of Webb City, Missouri, Cardinal Scale represents Midwest work ethic at its finest. Family owned. Quality made.



Free trade and an ever-globalizing economy have encouraged many American scale manufacturers to move their scale production overseas, where they can employ less-expensive labor with fewer regulations. At first glance, this can appear on the surface to be a good thing, a way of getting more products into the hands of more people more rapidly. However, a closer look reveals there are still much bigger benefits to buying from USA-made manufacturers vs. overseas suppliers.

U.S. manufacturing facility:
U.S. manufacturing creates jobs for Americans. Perhaps it sounds obvious, but there really is no way to understate the value of any company that keeps its roots in the United States and hires U.S. citizens for fair and honest work. And while overseas manufacturing may ultimately result in a lower-priced scale, who will purchase that scale if no one has a job?

U.S. manufacturing saves costs on deliveries:
Overseas shipping can be exorbitantly expensive, while shipping within the United States is often quite reasonable, even for very large shipments. Overseas shipping also creates a greater room for error, misunderstanding, delays, and problems. No one wants to wait on the slow boat from China!

Domestic shipments arrive more quickly:
The sheer difference in the distance a purchased scale must travel to get from any destination in the United States versus the distance it must travel from India or China can make a difference of weeks or months at times. Faster shipping means faster delivery, which means faster sales.

Sourcing goods locally is better for the environment:
There is no question that in comparison to overseas shipments by plane or by boat, an inter-state UPS, FedEx, or Yellow Freight shipment places a much lighter burden on natural resources. In addition, a bustling manufacturing industry within the United States keeps even more Americans working hard and earning money shipping, delivering, and receiving those goods.

U.S. manufacturers are held to a higher standard of safety and quality control:
Safety is perhaps one of the most important benefits of manufacturing in the U.S. vs. overseas. While it may seem a distant concern to some, the welfare of overseas workers is often placed in jeopardy. American regulations keep standards in place to ensure the safety of workers. Additionally, scales themselves are often much safer when produced within the United States.

U.S. manufacturers provide U.S. customer service and technical support:
In this day and age of automated phone systems and overseas technical support, local American service can be difficult to find but priceless to receive. There is no substitution within the world of customer service for speaking with a human being who is able to understand the situation and is knowledgeable and motivated enough to correct it. Overseas service, due to its separation from the manufacturer itself, is simply unable to provide the same level of personalized service.

U.S. manufacturers pay U.S. taxes:
In the United States, taxes subsidize everything from our roads to our water supply to our schools to our national defense. No one enjoys paying taxes, but we all enjoy the benefits of those taxes. Keeping American manufacturers in business in America can only benefit every citizen.

Ultimately, the benefits of scale manufacturing in the U.S. vs. overseas far outweigh the lower costs that may result from overseas manufacturing. Supporting American-made products that Cardinal Scale produces supports us all.

Cardinal Scale… American-made since 1950.

Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co. • Ph. (800) 441-4237 • • 203 East Daugherty St., Webb City, MO 64870USA MANUFACTURER

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