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Echelon_PR-1Cardinal Scale’s new Echelon EH series floor scales provide exceptional performance in light industrial and NTEP legal-for-trade applications for warehouses, logistics operations, processing plants, and shipping/receiving departments. Ideally suited for pallet, drum, and package weighing, the Echelon’s checkered carbon steel deck tread-plate with powder-coat paint handles rugged industrial weighing use at an economical price.

The Echelon floor scales come in 4-foot-square steel checkered deck platforms for a universal industrial weighing size and your choice of 5,000-lb x 1-lb or 10,000-lb x 2-lb capacities. The scale’s NTEP-certified, FM-approved waterproof, anti-corrosion shear beam load cells provide high accuracy and long-lasting reliability.

Echelon_PR-2While these floor scales are value-priced, the Echelon utilizes a ruggedly-built design and durable structural steel channel to offer efficient installation and operation for heavy-duty use. All internal components are highly protected against fork trucks and other industrial abuse by the 3/16”-thick checkered steel deck protection.

Cardinal Scale’s Echelon EH series floor scales are built strong to provide long-lasting and accurate industrial, warehousing, and logistics weighing. The Echelon’s nickel-plated alloy steel IP67 shear beam load cells are NTEP legal for trade and FM approved for high accuracy and reliability. The waterproof anti-corrosion load cells are recessed within steel channels containing conduit to deter rodent damage and help protect components from rough handling. The nickel-plated alloy steel load cell feet are height adjustable for 4 inches to 5.5 inches overall scale height.

Echelon_PR-3The Echelon floor scale has fully adjustable, rigid rubber feet to accommodate weighing on uneven surfaces. The scale’s load cell feet swivel to find level ground, 2.2-inch (5.6-cm) diameter rubber feet. The floor scale’s side-access junction box and internal wiring is fully protected from forklifts and rough handling.

The digital weight indicator is not included, and Cardinal offers a multitude of USA-made models to select from to compliment your scale.

Product Web Page:

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co.
203 East Daugherty St.
Webb City, MO 64870
(800) 441-4237

DL_PR-1DETECTO’s new DL series networkable price computing scales with integral label printers are economical NTEP legal-for-trade digital scales with high-end, innovative features. DETECTO’s DL series offer 5,990 PLUs, 30 lb x 0.01 lb or 60 lb x 0.02 lb capacity, 12.8 in W x 8.9 in D stainless steel platform, inventory reporting capabilities by PLU, four connectivity ports (USB, Ethernet, RS232 serial, and cash drawer), alphanumeric display (upper and lower case characters), four LED display windows and one dot matrix text screen, NTEP legal-for-trade certification, and they are available with or without a tower pole display.

DL_PR-2DETECTO’s versatile DL series price computing scales are designed for highly-customizable retail label printing use in delis, supermarkets, produce sections, convenience stores, and grocery store meat sections. With 5,990 PLUs and 2-MB memory, the DL series is economical, durable, user-friendly and incorporates all of the essential features needed for legal-for-trade weighing and label printing. The bright green, easy-to-read LED display readouts ensure visual accuracy for both the operator and the customer (displayed on both sides of the scale). The dot matrix window displays text in upper and lowercase characters for easy readability.

DETECTO’s DL series scales print labels in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and printed information: bar codes, logos, QR codes, safe handling images, ingredients, weights, date formats with month/day or time, nutritional facts, discounts, and more. Fifty label types are available via the included software. Label rolls are also available from DETECTO in single rolls or by the case.

DL_PR-3DETECTO’s DL retail scale is as intuitive to set up as it is to use, simplifying both management and employees tasks. The scale comes with versatile PC setup software and networking capabilities allowing you to make updates to multiple scales for your facility. Customized reporting features provide you with all the information you require to make your accurate business decisions for your store. The PC software offers drag-and-drop graphics setup for over 50 different label types. Labels have fully customizable layouts and font sizes by using the included graphic interface PC software. This software simplifies exporting and importing PLUs to and from Excel with full control over PLU data. The graphic display in the software automatically populates PLU keys and can then be printed and used as the quick key overlay for the DL series scale.

DL_PR-4The DL series scales’ USB drive allows you to download PLUs, shortcut keys, and other setup information, including custom labels, to the scale. Upload these same items from the scale to the USB drive which can be viewed in the included utility software.

The DL series scales come with an operation manual, power cord, four printed overlays for PLUs, and set-up utility CD for PC software. They are available for sale through DETECTO’s global dealer network and generally ship within 72 hours from time of purchase.

Learn More:

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co.
203 East Daugherty St.
Webb City, MO 64870 USA
(800) 441-4237

Maryland Utilizes Cardinal Scale’s Weigh-In-Motion Vehicle Scales

December 16, 2015

Weigh-In-Motion collaboration between Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, Xerox, and the state of Maryland to collect traffic data.

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2016 Cardinal Scale Trade Show Schedule

November 23, 2015

From the World of Asphalt trade show in Nashville to the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI, see the 2016 schedule of events in which Cardinal Scale is exhibiting.

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New Free-Standing Hanging Scale Stand

November 5, 2015

DETECTO’s USA-made free-standing hanging scale stand is easily accessible for customers to weigh their produce. This 72-inch-high portable stand with built-in wheels features a white powder-coat paint.

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Company Appoints International Sales Manager for EMEA

November 4, 2015

Cardinal/Detecto has appointed Andy Stevens as the International Sales Manager for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) out of the company’s EU Warehouse.

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Retail Point-of-Sale Scales Overview

November 2, 2015

It does not seem that long ago when electronic cash registers were first linked to scales and weighing at the checkout increased the speed of the transactions and reduced the risks of mistakes.

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Cardinal’s VP of Engineering Services Retires

October 29, 2015

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing’s Steve Langford retired today after an impressive 44-year career with the company that began June 29, 1971.

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ScaleNET Demo and Tutorial Videos

September 28, 2015

These 3 ScaleNET videos show the initial hardware wiring process, configuration utility app set-up, and the ScaleNET IDS mobile app for viewing weights, IDs, and sending tickets.

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CASE STUDY: WinVRS-TOUCH Optimizes Efficiency for Busy Rock Quarry

August 7, 2015

Touch-screen vehicle recording system offers user-friendly data collection for vehicle weighing.

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