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WINENCL-P_AngleCardinal Scale’s USA-made WINENCL-P thermal kiosk printer with steel enclosure provides weatherproof protection for your scale ticket printing. This high-quality, outdoor-grade printing solution accommodates a 6-inch diameter paper roll (included) and features a pole-mounting bracket bolted to the bottom of the printer cabinet, which can be removed for desktop applications.

Internal access to the high-speed thermal cutbar tape printer is easy with the WINENCL-P’s lockable rear door. The internal quick release mechanism allows you WINENCL-P_DoorOpento easily load fresh paper rolls. The innovative looping printer mechanism prevents paper jams by printing the receipt in full before providing it to the user. The large-diameter paper roll provides many hours of unattended operation. The internal thermostat allows the WINENCL-P to be used in all weather conditions.

WINENCL-P_DoorKeyConnect the WINENCL-P printer to Cardinal Scale’s 200 series indicators or 825 Spectrum indicator via RS232 serial (other connectivity options are available upon request: USB, Ethernet, Parallel).

The mount on the bottom of Cardinal’s WINENCL-P is a 6-in/15-cm nominal Schedule 80 pipe that accommodates up to a 4-in/10-cm nominal pipe for a post. Cardinal Scale recommends using a 4-in/10-cm nominal pipe or 4.5-in/11-cm OD to 5.5-in/14-cm OD tubing as a minimum size for a post.


  • Outdoor-Grade Steel Enclosure
  • Thermal Cutbar Tape Printer
  • Internal Heater with Thermostat
  • Includes Locking Key
  • Easy-Access Rear Door
  • High Speed: Up to 8.7 in/220 mm per second
  • Pole Mounting Bracket Included
  • Easy to Refill Paper Rolls
  • Year-Round, All-Weather Usage
  • Auto-Cut Bar
  • USA Made


Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co.
203 East Daugherty St.
Webb City, MO 64870
(800) 441-4237


The PS30 digital portion scale from DETECTO is a compact countertop scale with loads of potential. As you will see in this demo video, the NSF-certified stainless steel PS30 is versatile enough for use in food service portioning, industrial, shipping, plant processing, and general purpose weighing.

The compact design of the PS30 boasts a hefty 30-lb/15-kg capacity. This larger capacity wasn’t achieved by trading counter space as the PS30 has a slim, compact design that leaves plenty of work space in even the tightest of countertops while still maintaining an ample platter.

Despite the higher capacity, the scale is sensitive enough to weigh in very small increments, which accommodates the necessity of a perfectly balanced recipe or the precision of measuring corn, wheat or soybeans in an agricultural application.

The digital scale weighs in pounds, ounces, both pounds and ounces, pounds and ounces with fractional 1/8th ounce, and kilograms. These selectable units may be preset to display only those desired by the user.

The PS30 features five large 1-in (26-mm) high digits and a brilliant backlit blue LCD display that may be toggled on or off. Operation of the scale is simple with only four convenient buttons: Hold, Tare/Backlight, Units, and On/Off. Auto-zero circuitry ensures that zero is established on the power-up routine and is maintained throughout operation.

A low-battery indicator and automatic shut-off with adjustable timing conserve battery power and extend the life of the four AA batteries (not included). By adding the optional batteries, the PS30 has up to 110 hours of continuous use with the backlight off for all mobile weighing tasks such as farmers markets and roadside stands. An AC adapter is also provided with the scale for more fixed portioning applications.

PS30_Video_Lift-Off-TrayThe PS30 features an IP65 washdown rating. This rating signifies that the scale is protected against dust and low-pressure water, which is perfectly suited for a commercial kitchen where heavy wash-down cleaning can be a daily necessity. The roomy stainless steel lift-off platform may be easily removed for frequent washing in food and chemical applications where a clean, sanitary surface is required.

The PS30 is a great all-purpose scale perfect for any setting where conserving counter-space is a must while still being able to weigh up to 30 lbs.

For more information about the PS30 digital compact scale, please call Cardinal Scale at (800) 441-4237 or click here. DETECTO has been “building a better weigh” since 1900.

For more info:

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co.
203 E. Daugherty St.
Webb City, MO 64870
(800) 441-4237

“The Weigh of the Future”

July 23, 2014

Bringing the technology of tomorrow to today’s mobile weighing, read how the scale industry is changing through Cardinal Scale’s USA-made mobile phone and tablet apps for wireless connectivity.

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New PS30 Digital Compact Scale

July 17, 2014

The new PS30 NSF-certified stainless steel compact countertop portion scale boasts a hefty 30-lb/15-kg capacity, lift-off platform, backlit blue LCD, and IP65 washdown protection rating.

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New Satellite Unattended Truck Weighing Kiosks

June 25, 2014

Cardinal’s USA-made Satellite series unattended weighing kiosks provide the ultimate experience in unmanned truck scale efficiency and data integration.

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New ScaleNET IDS Mobile App Weight Display with 5 Custom IDS

June 17, 2014

Use your mobile device as a weight indicator with the new USA-made ScaleNET IDS mobile app for use with the ScaleNET Wi-Fi transmitter.

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New Pathway Mobile App for Truck Weighing

June 10, 2014

Cardinal Scale’s new USA-made mobile app provides economical unattended truck weighing and ID storage remote control for truck scales with Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Harvester LSC Livestock Scale Installation Video

June 3, 2014

Cardinal Scale’s Harvester LSC series group livestock scale is the premium choice for cattle weighing and this new installation video demonstrates the entire set-up process.

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CASE STUDY: 201 Weight Transmitter

March 20, 2014

Four Cardinal model 201 weight transmitters are utilized in an interesting liquid filling application that increased production productivity by 100% for a brewed tea and coffee manufacturer.

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An Overview of the U.S. Legal Metrology System

March 17, 2014

This article is a simple overview of the United States’ legal metrology system that strives for equality in the marketplace for commercial weighing.

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