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Baker Dough Scales

Baker Dough Scales

Cardinal's mechanical baker dough scales are perfect for bakeries and other food establishments that rely on accurate measurements to create their most popular products. Each baker dough scale features an even-balance, mechanical weigh beam, and two 9 inch diameter plates. Cardinal offers models with capacities of 8 or 16 pounds, as well as several metric models. Baker's dough beam scales are also available with a counterweight set and optional plastic scoops for convenient weighing and easy cleanup. All of Cardinal's baker dough scales are USDA-approved. Choose from a white, oven-baked enamel finish or the classic stainless steel base.


1001/1002 Enamel

Features white oven-baked enamel and counterweight set, with or without a plastic scoop, and a 9-inch (229 mm) diameter plate, available in capacities of 5 or 8 kg, and 8 or 16 lb. Used extensively in retail bakeries and other food establishments these scales provide an economical package without sacrifice to long term use.


1051/1052 Stainless

Features stainless steel base, poise and 9-inch (229 mm) platters with a chrome-plated beam and epoxy-coated precision-built mechanism. A seamless, easily cleaned plastic scoop and multiple weight set complete a package designed for most any bakers needs. Available in a variety of capacities from 5 or 8 kg, to 8 or 16 lb.

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