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Trash Can Dumping

Trash Can Dumping

DETECTO's Dump Commander "does the heavy lifting for you," as its product slogan states. The Dump Commander prevents injury due to heavy lifting and creates a safe work environment, which potentially offers savings on worker's compensation insurance premiums. The Dump Commander requires less manpower to dump trash for overall cost savings. It quickly lifts up to 150-lb trash cans with the push of a single button and works with trash bins up to 82 inches high. The unit is operated via a hand-held pendant control on an 8-foot cord. The controller employs a single Up/Down rocker switch for operation and is removable to prevent unauthorized usage. The Dump Commander fits through a standard-size door frame (36 in wide X 79 in high) for storage inside. The trash dolly (included) with the Dump Commander fits off-the-shelf trash can dollies.

Dump Commander – Logo

Dump Commander

DETECTO’s Dump Commander solves the problem of transferring waste from your facility to the outside trash bin. The Dump Commander is narrow and mobile enough to wheel anywhere you need it and offers mechanical lifting power to dump commercial trashcan-sized containers into a larger bin. The rechargeable battery-operated system, which uses a single-column chain-drive lifting mechanism, can be operated by a single person. The Dump Commander will quickly lift up to 150-pound trash cans with the push of a single button.

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