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Stainless Steel Load Cells



Features superb quality, roomy 18 x 14-inch platform, non-skid mat, leveling bubble, 205 digital weight indicator, built in carrying handle, automatic zero, keypad tare, motion detection, serial printer port, auto power off. NTEP legal-for-trade. 600 lb capacity.

760PS - 1

760PS/PA Axle Scales

Features superb quality, portable construction, 7 x 2.5-foot, two-module axle platform, checkered deck, aluminum platform weight of only 400 lb each / 2,000 lb for steel, total scale capacity of 60,000 lb, four access ramps, stainless steel junction box, and environmentally-protected stainless steel load cells (4 SB20000S load cells per platform).


CBCS Electronic

Features steel load cell stand, easy to install, low profile, environmentally-sealed, stainless steel load cells, self-centering load buttons, ideal for floor mounted tank or hopper scales. Available in 3 or 4 cell systems in capacities ranging from 330 to 1,600 lbs.


CenterPoint Self-Checking

Features stainless steel construction, center-load double-ended shear beam load cells, environmentally-sealed to weather all conditions, precision engineering, three or four legged mounting assemblies, bolt-in place design, articulating top plate, mild or stainless steel stands, self-checking sliding pin. Capacities range from 7,500 to 200,000 lbs.

SCBD Digital Load Cell - 1

Digital Double-Ended Shear Beam

Cardinal Scale’s SCBD series SmartCell® stainless steel double-ended shear beam digital load cells feature an IP69K rating for high-pressure washdowns, require no junction box, daisy-chain together for ease of wiring, OIML and NTEP certified, include iSite remote diagnostic monitoring software with automatic text/e-mail alerts, and come in 22,700 kg / 50,000 lb, 34,000 kg / 75,000 lb, or 45,000 kg / 100,000 lb capacities.


EB-210 Series

Features stainless steel constructed base, 210 Storm indicator, 0.6-in/15 mm high, bright-red LED, Gross/Tare/Net conversion, programmable print format, selectable weight units, numeric keypad, tare, piece count, checkweighing, time/date, 3 PWCs, dual bi-directional RS232 serial ports. NTEP legal-for-trade. 2XX optional card slot. Available in 15, 30, 60, 150 and 300 lb capacities.


EB-LPAN Series

Features stainless steel constructed platform for applications where columns aren’t necessary or practical, pairs easily with 190, 204, 205, or 210 Storm indicators, available in dimensions of 12 x 10, 16 x 14, and 24 x 20-inch. NTEP legal-for-trade. Available in 15, 30, 60, 150 and 300 lb capacities.


Enforcer Frameless Floor Scales with Smooth Decks

Cardinal Scale’s Enforcer series electronic floor scales are ideal for laundry cart weighing due to their smooth decks for accommodating roll-on carts. The FH-II series features 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb and 2,000 lb x 0.5 lb capacities, stainless steel or mild steel scale decks, optional ramps, top-side access to self-leveling load cells, channel construction for superior deck strength, and stainless steel load cells.



Features superb quality, large 18 x 14-inch platform, non-skid mat, levelling bubble, built in carrying handle, automatic zero, keypad tare, motion detection, serial printer port, auto power off, 1-inch/25 mm 6-digit LCD table or wall mounted display. NTEP legal-for-trade. 400 lb capacity.


GroundForce Full-Frame Extra Heavy-Duty Floor Scales

Cardinal Scale’s NTEP GroundForce FH-II series electronic floor scales are ideal for easy pit installations flush-mounted with the floor surface due to their lower frame that surrounds the scale perimeter and top-side access to the junction box panel. The GroundForce features platform sizes from 4 x 4 ft up to 12 x 10 ft, stainless steel hermetically-sealed waterproof load cells, and up to 20,000 lb capacities.

Harvester LSC – 1

Harvester Livestock Scales

Ideal for stockyards, feed lots, and private farms, Cardinal’s NTEP Harvester Livestock Scales feature pre-cast concrete decks and include livestock pens and two-end swing gates with easy-close latches. The etched diamond pattern concrete deck provides sure footing for livestock. The 0.8-inch-high gap between the concrete deck and steel livestock pen allows space for easy washout cleaning and is not visible to cattle.

Harvester PSC - 1

Harvester Precast Concrete

The Harvester series precast concrete scales offer an economical approach to truck weighing for farms. The Harvester is a fully-electronic truck scale featuring factory-poured concrete decks for above-ground, low-profile weighing. Incorporating the latest in extremely-durable concrete composition with high-tensile strength and optimal deck weight, the Harvester is designed for farms with less than 3,000 acres.

LB - 1

LB Series Load Bars

Cardinal Scale’s LB series load bars are manufactured for versatile use underneath a variety of farm applications, including alleyway platforms, cages, squeeze chutes, bins, hoppers, and other types. They feature rugged structural steel tube frame construction with extra-wide foot plates on each end and receiver tabs on top and four model TB 2500-lb stainless steel load cells with adjustable support feet.


LSE Electronic

Features quality, concrete deck design, stainless steel beam cells, low profile 10-inch tall rails, top plate offers easy access load cells and bumper bolts, easy to install, platform sizes available in 18, 20, 30 or 35 x 10-foot measurements with either a 10 or 20-ton weight capacity. These efficient farm scales provide an economical approach to agricultural weighing. NTEP legal-for-trade.

RSCA - 1

RSCA Pit Type

Cardinal Scale’s RSCA series truck and track scales feature a rugged, accurate, and heavy-duty weighbridge system for static weighing operations. The RSCA is a NTEP legal-for-trade pit-type rail/truck combo scale that is perfect for weighing a variety of rail car sizes and full semi-tractor trailers. Choose from electronic or Guardian hydraulic load cells. Standard platform lengths available from 60 ft to 100 ft long.

Scrapper Truck Scales - 1

Scrapper Recycling and Scrap Industry Truck Scales

Cardinal Scale’s Scrapper series truck scales are engineered for scrap yards, recycling centers, and landscaping facilities requiring a medium-duty NTEP legal-for-trade scale at an economical price. The Scrapper utilizes the proven PSC pre-stress concrete deck weighbridge that is 10 ft. wide with lengths up to 52 ft. long. Overall capacities range from 25 tons up to 45 tons (25-ton CLC).

SLS – Front View (Cow Weighing)

SLS Single Animal Livestock Scales

Cardinal Scale’s SLS series steel deck single animal livestock scale are available with or without livestock pen and dual slide-out gates. They feature an extremely-accurate 2,500 lb x 0.5 lb or 5,000 lb x 1 lb capacity, four model TB 2,500 lb stainless steel load cells with adjustable support feet, side-access stainless steel junction box, rubber mat interior flooring for sure footing and noise reduction, and NTEP certification.


SRC Electronic

Features heavy-duty design, time-proven classic truck scale design, concrete deck, rigid or floating deck restraint system, I-beams directly below wheel path transfer weight directly to load cells, pit mount provides access to all components. Available in many lengths and capacities. NTEP legal-for-trade certified.


SW Stretch Wrapper

Features load cell mounting kit, four or six load cells, articulating feet, stainless steel summation junction box and 30 feet of load cell cable. Incorporates Cardinal’s environmentally-sealed, waterproof SB beam type load cells, each system has a capacity of 10,000 or 15,000 lbs depending on the number of load cells. A complete kit for floor-mounted stretch wrappers, balers, or conveyors.


TBCS Electronic

Cardinal Scale’s TBCS self-checking electronic load cell kits are versatile weighing modules for wide-ranging applications such as tanks, hoppers, silos, bins, and mixers. The TBCS series uses stainless steel load cells and come with mild or stainless steel bolt-in-place stands. The kits include three or four stand assemblies, load cells, stainless steel junction box, and cables. System capacities vary from 3,000 to 16,000 lb.


THBC Electronic

Cardinal’s THBC electronic load cell kits are ideal for weighing tanks, hoppers, mixers, and conveyors. These self-checking load cell kits are available with mild steel or stainless steel stands, system capacities ranging from 7,500 lb (3,400 kg) up to 200,000 lb (90,700 kg), and stainless steel waterproof NTEP load cells. Each kit comes with 3 or 4 load cells, load cell stands, cable, and a stainless steel junction box.


Track Scale

Cardinal Scale’s AB-4 series overhead track scales feature stainless steel construction, “solid-mount” load assembly, no moving parts, easy installation, simple operation, ideal for storage warehouses, produce and meat packing plants, and other applications utilizing rail systems, scale capacity of 2,000 lb x 0.5 lb, available rail lengths of 24, 30, and 50-inch, and include a wash-down model 205 weight indicator.

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