In the aggregate industry, durability and accuracy are of the utmost importance. Cardinal Scale’s industry-leading truck scale design and advancements in technology have provided a quantum leap forward for truck scale durability and communication. Cardinal Scale’s truck scale lines provide the greatest return on investment for one of the toughest industries on the planet, and our weighbridges are among the highest-capacity (with the highest CLC protection) on the market today.

For weighing aggregates, truck scales need to be durable enough to withstand high intervals of repeated weighing, off-center loads, and deck-straining capacities. Cardinal Scale’s ARMOR Truck Scales with SmartCell Digital Technology offer 135-ton capacity with 50-ton CLC (Concentrated Load Capacity). These scales are ideal for high-traffic aggregate centers with off-set loads. The new SCBD75 stainless steel digital double-ended load cells have simplified information transmission to indicators—greatly reducing wiring and virtually eliminating junction boxes! Concrete and steel decks are available for any application.

With the aggregate industry in mind, Cardinal Scale has developed the ARMOR Steel Deck Portable Truck Scale with Lower Frame. This Portable Digital Steel Deck is the perfect answer when a high-quality weighbridge is needed at multiple sites. This deck is designed for easy transport while minimizing the overall deck height and maximizing deck strength.

Cardinal Scale’s Yukon Extreme-Duty Truck Scales are designed specifically for mining and off-road vehicle weighing applications. Possessing 150-ton capacity and 70-ton CLC, Yukon steel and concrete decks offer a solution for extremely high capacities with concentrated loads and frequent usage in unforgiving aggregate environments.

For aggregate applications, Cardinal Scale’s extra-strength truck scale solutions will assist mining, gravel, sand, and rock industries to get the most out of their truck scale investment.