For products that are caustic, toxic, and/or explosive, Cardinal Scale offers a complete line of weighing products for the chemical supply and processing industry. Cardinal Scale’s long-lasting, durable scales and indicators are meant to stand up to the most aggressive and harsh chemical environments.

When weighing bulk tanks of chemicals, Cardinal Scale’s stainless-steel load cell kits cover the scope of acidic weighing environments. Cardinal Scale’s TBCS Electronic 3 and 4 cell load cell kits cover the smaller-capacity weighing implements, while the THBC Electronic Tank systems are designed for medium-capacity applications. Center Point Double-Ended Shear Beam and THBC stands cover the top end—ranging from 100 to 120 tons!

For large industrial container weighing, Cardinal Scale’s FloorHugger Stainless Steel Checkered Deck Floor Scales are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel which provides long-lasting protection for harsh chemical environments. Ranging from small to extra-large sizes, featuring pit frames and stainless steel waterproof load cells, the FloorHugger series can be easily washed down in case of chemical accidents.

For smaller containers, Cardinal Scale’s Admiral IP69K-Rated Washdown Bench Scales are perfect when a durable scale is needed finer chemical weighing measurements. The Admiral features a stainless-steel cover, base, and indicator mount with a waterproof 190 indicator. For added functionality and safety, an optional lithium ion battery pack is available.

Weighing and storing chemicals requires the most resilient scales with top-tier materials that can be easily cleaned. Luckily, Cardinal Scale has devised weighing equipment and accessories that can withstand the most challenging environments.