From the kitchen to the marketplace to the warehouse, commercial food scales provide accurate weighing to save valuable time and resources. Detecto Scale produces world-class weighing implements that can be used in every facet of the commercial kitchen industry.

Detecto’s extensive line of digital portion scales can aid any commercial kitchen in weighing smaller individual orders to large batch recipes. Portion scales assist in producing consistency and accuracy, saving a great deal in wasted profits for high-volume operations. Detecto’s PS Series portion scales offer rugged durability in ten models, six of which garner NTEP certification. The WPS12 model has the capability of being completely submerged in hot water for fast, easy cleaning. If costs are an issue, Cardinal Scale’s world-renowned Top Loading Dial Scales are a portable, versatile option. Detecto’s expansive line of dial scales come in a variety of dials, finishes, and capacities that are very affordable for most kitchen uses.

For bakeries, Detecto’s wide range of Baker Dough Scales offers a great, reliable option that is time-tested. Their sturdy beam design comes in a range of capacities, finishes, and beam graduations. Machined weights and scoops round out their robust, accurate design. The RP Series features a rotating platter for adding ingredients to pizzas and cakes while keeping an accurate weight. The PZ Series provides a platform connected to a wireless communicative indicator for hands-free, cable-less ingredient taring without touching a button. This valuable ingredient scale prevents unnecessary time spent pressing buttons and prevents making further messes with dough or ingredients.

For commercial locations that need to calculate sales, Detecto’s Digital Price Computing Series offers an NTEP-certified scale for markets, bakeries, delis, and candy shops. The DL Series can store up to 5,990 PLU’s to save product pricing and valuable time. The DL features an integral printer to print out tickets for quick and easy product pricing.

When weighing bulk ingredients, Detecto’s Hanging Dial Scales can weigh fruits and vegetable all the way up to sides of meat. These scales are digital or mechanical, and there is even a solar model SCS30. The spacious galvanized scoops and durable hook designs are perfect for markets and produce stands.

Whatever the need, Detecto has a high-quality scale to provide the accuracy and cost-saving benefits needed for any kitchen.